Some Fun Facts About the 5 Stations of the “Poker Rally”
Rockridge - Named after the fictional town in one of Dan's favorite movies, Blazing Saddles by Mel Brooks, Rockridge is the first stop on the rally course in the North West corner of the Prairie. Here you will find the start of an Osage Orange hedge row while corn blows in the breeze. Just make a note to bring a couple of dimes.
Prairie Saloon - Just as in the days of western expansion, this second stop at the Prairie Saloon is a throwback to the days when a watering hole could pop up in the middle of expansive grassland. Here you will find reminders of what the settlers of the past found while traveling through these lands. Just sit back, relax, and embrace the fragrance and beauty of the surrounding colors of the prairie. You might even catch a sighting of a ring neck pheasant, Dan's favorite game bird.
Trading Post - The third stop on the rally brings you to the Trading Post. Here under the woodland canopy of tall Walnuts and Hackberry's you will find all the elements of the forest that Dan loved and introduced to his family. From the foot prints of whitetail deer to the abundance of birds singing through the trees. This stop will give you a chance to sit and listen to the sounds of the woods just as Dad enjoyed doing many times throughout his lifetime.
Tiki Bar - Over the prairie and through the woods will lead you to this beachside tiki bar. The fourth stop on the rally trail sits on the bank of the pond where Dan spent many hours fishing and swimming with his kids. Here you will hear many of the songs that Dan enjoyed singing and dancing to when performed by Captain Rat and the Blind Rivets at the Melvin Fair. Interrupted only by laughter and stories of the past and the occasional bullfrog croaking on the shoreline. Just watch out for those pop tops if you're wearing flip flops.
River Pirate Casino - The final stop on the rally course, if you make it past Bubba's Turn, is the River Pirate Casino. Here you will experience the sights of water lilies blooming on the water while trying your luck at spinning the casino wheel. Also present is the future generation of hardwood forest planted through Dan's passed on love of trees. Hopefully luck is on your side and you draw a lucky hand to finish your experience on the course.